Welcome to our new and improved website, compatible on mobile and tablet devices so you can find out more information about Gooch Oriental whilst on the go. We hope you will enjoy viewing the ranges of rugs we have acquired. Each rug carries various qualities to suit any room in your home.

All of our products are available in some of the biggest retailers in the country, offering several ranges, all with multiple designs, styles, materials and colours to ensure that you have the right rug to suit the theme of your home.

This site has been built to be user friendly and to inform you of everything you would need to know. Each product can be enlarged and seen in detail, giving you an insight on the product.

We hope this website is informative and easy to use. Our website was created by a local company who specialise in Web Design in Milton Keynes, Gud Ideas.

January Furniture Show – 24th – 27th
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