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Gooch Oriental is one of the key suppliers of high quality and ethical rugs in the United Kingdom, with over 60 years of experience. Our products originate from various destinations to provide rugs that are authentic and made with the finest materials.

We offer various styles and materials to ensure that we can offer the perfect rug for any home and room.

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About us

Gooch Oriental is one of the leading suppliers of rugs in the UK.

We are passionate about providing a range of rugs that are unsurpassed in quality and design.

Creative and luxurious designs

Our rugs are designed with the customer in mind. All of our rugs are created with attention to the design and appearance to provide an outstanding result.

High-end retailers

We supplier to some of the biggest retailers in the UK so that our products can be enjoyed by a mass number of customers.


We welcome any feedback from our customers and retailers to improve on our services. We are passionate about providing the best products available to buy in store.

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